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The Sustainability Institute’s mission is to build decision making and governance capacity to understand and act on sustainable development issues. We do this through programs that include training, research, outreach, and dissemination of best practices on a range of issues.

The Sustainability Institute has significant programs and capacity (including research, policy and program design, and program implementation) on a number of issues including urban planning, land use and transportation, energy, green infrastructure, decision making processes, the use of indicators in decision making, building leadership, climate adaptation policy and planning, and economic development.

Funding Agencies

The Sustainability Institute manages research/outreach programs funded by various Federal and State agencies including:

    • New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
    • United States Environmental Protection Agency
    • New Jersey Department of Transportation
    • New Jersey Department of Health


Sustainable Jersey Program

The Sustainability Institute also administers the award winning Sustainable Jersey Program. Sustainable Jersey is a multifaceted program designed to aid municipalities in achieving their sustainability goals. The program develops new models and best practices, conducts outreach, and provides technical support, grants, and other incentives to support municipal progress. A highlight of the program is the award winning “Sustainable Jersey Certification Program.” Over 4500 municipalities, 330 school districts and 870 schools participate and collectively have implemented over 94,000 discrete best practices as part of the program. Sustainable Jersey celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019.

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